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Northampton Area - Northern Perth Basin

To the west of the gneiss and granulite of the Northampton Complex, there are exposures of strata from the Ordovician, Lower Triassic, Lower Jurassic, with minor exposure of Lower Cretaceous rocks. They are all essentially strata that are flat lying, with stratigraphic correlations and some evidence from palaeontology indicating large breaks in their deposition. The facies from the Ordovician are mostly fluvial, and near Horrocks, the FA2 deposits are tidal, that appear to be progressively younger to the south, the exposure of FA3 more closely resembling FA3 than FA1. The widespread Kockatea Shale from the Lower Triassic, poorly exposed in most places, typical of units from Western Australia that are shale-dominated, excepting where sandy facies are present, overlie the strata. The higher hills in the area, that disconformably cap the Lower Triassic, are formed from sandstone of the Chapman Group, that are of Lower Jurassic age. The Windalia Radiolarite, extending south to near the Yerina Spring Road and Olgive Road intersection, to the northeast of Hutt Lagoon, are low exposures of Cretaceous strata. In some places moulds of belemnite cones can be found.

Locality 7 - Blue Hills. About 13 km west of Northampton. Good exposures of the Kockatea Shale, shallow marine siltstone from the Lower Triassic, in which there are basal stromatolites, overlie disconformably Tumblagooda Sandstone from the Ordovician, that are fluvial facies.

Locality 8 - Mt Minchin. About 16 km northwest of Northampton. Good exposures of the Kockatea Shale, shallow marine sandstone facies.

Locality 9 - Yallabatharra Road, Hutt River. About 24 km northwest of Northampton. A road cutting through a small anticline in the Kockatea Shale, shallow-marine sandstone facies form the Lower Triassic.

Sources & Further reading

  1. Geology of the Northern Perth Basin, Western Australia - a field guide
Author: M. H. Monroe
Last Updated 21/10/2016


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