Australia: The Land Where Time Began

A biography of the Australian continent 

Protein Sparing

When ingested protein is being utilised for energy production, protein sparing becomes important, as the body's energy needs take precedence over its need for protein. When caloric intake is marginal or inadequate the amino acids that compose ingested protein are degraded, the non-nitrogenous products being converted to glucose or fat, or possibly directly oxidised to provide energy to help meet the needs of the body. When the amino acids are used for energy production the protein becomes unavailable for use by the body for its protein needs. When the caloric intake is inadequate the skeletal muscle is broken down to provide energy for the body, glucose being required for some organs, such as the brain, that cannot use fat for energy (Speth & Speilman, 1983: 13).

Sources & Further reading

  1. Richard Cosgrove, Jim Allen & Brendan Marshall in Murray, Tim, 1998, Archaeology of Aboriginal Australia, Allen & Unwin.


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