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Lower Cretaceous Crocodiles

The fragmentary crocodile material from the Australian Cretaceous is found only in Albian age deposits. An isolated quadratojugal (skull bone) and several dermal scutes from an unidentified crocodilian that was estimated to be less than 2 m long, have been found at Dinosaur Cove, Victoria in the Eumeralla Formation. An incomplete mandible of Crocodylus (Bottosaurus) selaslophensis has been found at Lightning Ridge in the Griman Creek Formation. The teeth of this specimen are set in a common groove, an unusual condition that is not seen in any other known crocodyliform. According to the authors1 this makes the validity of its name and even its identification doubtful.

At lightning ridge crocodyliform remains that are indisputable have been found in the opal-bearing clays, from a form that had a broad snout and laterally compressed teeth designed for shearing meat. There was also a form in which the teeth were more conical that is suggested by the authors1 to be indicative of a fish-eating form.

Sources & Further reading

  1. Kear, B.P. & Hamilton-Bruce, R.J., 2011, Dinosaurs in Australia, Mesozoic life from the southern continent, CSIRO Publishing.
Author: M. H. Monroe
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