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Late Cretaceous Pterosaurs

The remains of pterosaurs from the Late Cretaceous are very rare in Australia, the only known remains being an incomplete limb bone in the Winton Formation, a partial jaw from the Molecap Greensand and an ulna from the Miria Formation deposits at Toothawarra Creek in the Giralia Ranges, Western Australia. The ulna is the only one of the specimens that is diagnostic, suggesting a pterosaur with a wingspan of about 5 m. In general structure the ulna is very similar to those of azhdarchids, especially the genus Arambourgiana from the Masstrichtian of Jordan. Included among the azhdarchids are some of the largest pterosaurs that are known from any time period. Quetzalcoatlus from the Late Cretaceous of North America that had a wingspan of 11 m.





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