Australia: The Land Where Time Began

A biography of the Australian continent 




The history of Australia starts at the beginning of the history of the Earth. The earliest known blocks of crust on Earth are the seeds around which the Australian continent grew. The Earth is believed to have formed about 4550 million years ago, and only a short time later the dated rocks of the beginnings of Australia solidified.

The recently released ABC documentary Australia: The time traveller's guide: A natural history of the Australian Continent, though having no connection with my site, and being released a number of years after I uploaded the page Take a Journey Back Through Time to this site, illustrates many of the significant stages in the formation of Australia and the evolution of life covered on the relevant page on my site, starting the journey at the oldest rocks in Australia, that are the oldest dated rocks in the world, and continuing to the present.



New discoveries place Ediacaran fauna on land

A proposed impact structure in central Australia that could be the biggest ever, the proposed bolide is estimated to have had a diameter of  30 miles - MAPCIS

PLoS - Public Library of Science - A non-profit publisher of peer-reviewed scientific papers that are free to read and download

Some Interesting Fossil Finds From the Non-Marine Permian and Triassic Sequences in Northern Tasmania, Australia


Wherever ages are given in years before present, BP, the present referred to is conventionally set to 1950.


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